Ever wonder if the court or field is available?

Ultra Sports Centre is proud to implement online availability and booking of the Courts and Fields on demand. This enhanced service, allows registered individuals to easily check the availability of the facility’s calendar 24 hours a day / 365 days of the year. Furthermore, it allows clients to secure a specific time and day by simply using a credit card for payment.


Ultra Sports Centre (USC) offers online rentals (Single Session Permit’s or Spot rental’s) by the hour of our indoor artificial turf Fields and/or Court surfaces. For longer term rentals please contact Richard.


All rates are in Canadian dollars and can only be purchased in two (2) hour increments for the Courts and one (1) hour increments for the Fields at the current time.

First Time Users:

In order to utilize our online availability and booking service. You MUST register and fill in all required fields.  Please ensure all information is accurate as the booking confirmation will be sent to the stated email address and in the future a text message to your mobile device. A Booking is not confirmed until you RECEIVE AN EMAIL confirming your booking. (You will also receive a second email from Moneris confirming your Credit Card purchase) Please ensure that you keep your USER NAME and PASSWORD as you will require it as a returning user.

Current Clients:

If you have made a booking in the past with Ultra Sports, please contact the Office and have your account sent out to you via email. Otherwise your old account will not be linked to your new one.



Clients can view availability TWO WEEKS at a time. If you require a spot rental beyond that please give our office a call @ 1-877-469-2452 EXT 101 or info@ultrasports.ca

To view available fields and/or courts follow these steps:

  • Click on Schedule (Centre Left of your screen)
  • You will have two options – Session or Rental — Select Rental 
  • Under Search Filter – Rental Type  – Select Court or Field
  • Select Rental Length – Select your desired amount of hours
  • Select Venue – Court 1 (East Court) Court 2 (Entrance Court) , Field A (East Field) Field B (Entrance Field)
  • Check Off the Day of the Week you require
  • Under Time Frame – Select you time you require (i.e. 1 hour and 30 minutes)


Once you have the availability on the screen follow the next steps in order to secure your desired day and time.

  • Click on Book Me
  • Fill out all required Fields
  • Click on Submit
  • Your Credit Card will be charged and an email will be sent to the email address in your profile confirming your Court or Field as well as an email with regards to payment from Moneris. In order for the Court or Field to be confirmed you MUST receive an email. If you do not receive an email call the office @ 1-877-469-2452 EXT 101 to receive verbal confirmation from a staff member.

Cancellation Policy

USC understands that life happens and the odd time a cancellation of booking is required. For Single Session all requests must be made in writing via email to info@ultrasports.ca and a confirmation email received back acknowledging the request.

  1. More than 4  days from start of play – 100% Refund
  2. Less than 4 days more than 48 hours from start of play 100% Credit – client must select another day and time within the calendar year
  3. Less than 48 hours from start of play – 0% Credit (NO REFUND)

USC will charge a $10 administration fee for any cancelled permits.

Privacy Policy 

  • USC is committed to protecting the personal information of all on-line users by utilizing advanced software solution.
  • The collection of personal information is gathered for registration & contact information, payment verification, and insurances purposes
  • USC will not give out any personal information that is collected from any users without any knowledge or consent unless required by a government body or agency, or as permitted by law.
  • USC will not sell any personal information collected from users.

USC reserves the right to modify the policies and processes of Online Availability and Booking at any time.

For further information please call the office @ 1-877-469-2452 ext. 101 or email info@ultrasports.ca