Ultra Sports Centre (USC) has created the following policies in order to assist customers in full utilization and enjoyment of the facility. The centre’s playing surfaces are available for rental by the hour and discounted hourly rates are given to rentals of 5 hours or more.

There are 4 sport surfaces. Field A & Court 1 – east end of the complex and Field B & Court 2 west end of the complex closest to USC’s front door. Smaller Field sizes are available please contact the Administrative office for more details.

USC reserves the right to change these policies at any time.

 Field & Court Usage

  1. All participants have the right to enjoy their playing time at USC. Any form of abusive language, action, discrimination and/or harassment will not be tolerated and the individual(s) may be asked to leave and the police called.
  2. It is the responsibility of the clients, players, spectators and children in their care to be aware of play on the field(s)/court(s) and to take care of their safety. Children are not permitted to run unsupervised in the facility due to safety concerns and are the responsibility of their parent / guardian.
  3. The usage of USC Court(s) or Field(s) is at your own risk and USC will not be responsible for any injuries incurred at the facility.
  4. No food or drink is allowed on the Field or Court except for the out of bounds areas. Refreshments and food can be purchased at the facility and we encourage hydration to ensure peak performance on the sport surfaces.
  5. Only footwear approved by USC will be allowed on the Courts or Fields. No cleats or molded shoes allowed and shoes must be non-marking. USC reserves the right to refuse any client or player from participating at the facility for any reason they deem fit.
  6. Only hockey sticks with a clean clear base will be permitted. No tape allowed on sticks. USC reserves the right to refuse any client or player from participating for any reason they deem fit.
  7. Clients and players are permitted to warm up on the Field or Court if available at the discretion of USC staff.
  8. Please enter and exit the Court or Field at the sidelines as directed by USC staff. Be respectful of those playing on the Court or Field and keep movement to and from the entrance to the Court(s) on the sidelines of the Field(s).
  9. All rentals end 5 minutes before the end of their scheduled end time and participants must be completely cleared from the playing surfaces to allow a transition time for groups ending and starting their rentals. A $25 surcharge may be levied against a rental leaving the field or court late. The clock in the facility is the official time.
  10. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. Except under the restrictions of a special occasion permit issued by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission. Cancellation of your present or future rental agreement may occur as a result of any infraction.
  11. Drugs & Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  12. Pets are strictly prohibited.
  13. Other restricted items or behaviors as listed in the Code of Conduct or General Rules of the Facility are strictly prohibited

Booking (Rentals)

  1. Rental of the Court(s) or Field(s) is by the hour. Bookings are done on a “First Come, First Serve” basis for all “Spot Rentals”. Returning long term permit / contract client(s) are given first priority before any new rentals are considered. Your rental is not confirmed until you have received an email confirmation of your permit / contract.


  1. Accepted methods of payment include VISA, MasterCard, Debit, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Cheques. (Cheques are only accepted for Long Term Permits / Contract Rentals).
  2. Cheques are to be made payable to: “Ultra Sports Centre Inc.
  3. Single Session Permit / Rental (1-4 hours on a single day or a combination thereof over several sessions) require full payment at time of booking to confirm the rental. Bookings can be easily done online (www.ultrasports.ca ) VISA or MASTERCARD ONLY or over the phone via Visa, MasterCard and EFT via email, please call the facility for details. Please allow 24 hours for processing of EFT’s.  Online rentals book in two hour increments for the courts and one hour increment for the fields. Registered users are allowed to view up to two weeks availability of the fields or courts. If you require any other dates please contact the office.
  4. Long Term Permit / Contract Rentals (long term or seasonal rentals – 5 hours or more) require a deposit of 10% of total contract value.  Payment for the remainder of the contract rental will be specified in the Permit or Contract.
  5. Long Term Permit / Contract shall be payable in accordance with the post-dated payment plan listed on the Rental Agreement under Payment Method. Deposit is due immediately in order to secure dates and times. For permits that are longer than 90 days, the following is the basic payment schedule:2nd Payment is due on the first date of play before entering the Court or Field. 3rd Payment is due 30 Days after the first date of play. 4th Payment is due 60 Days after the first date of play. Accounts may be frozen and players refused entry to the Field or Court if payments are not received on the specified dates.
  6. For payments returned due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), there shall be an administrative charge of $35 and subsequent payments must be made by credit card or certified cheque/money order. Interest on past due amounts over 30 days will be 5% per month and subject to an administration fee of up to $25.


  1. USC has a no refund policy on rental deposits for Long Term Permit / Contract Rentals.
  2. USC understands that life happens and the odd time a cancellation of booking is required. For Single Session all requests must be made in writing via email to info@ultrasports.ca and a confirmation email received back acknowledging the request. USC is not responsible for any errors over the phone or text communications.
    1. More than 4  days from start of play – 100% Refund
    2. 4 days to more than 48 hours from start of play, 100% Credit – client must select another day and time within the calendar year
    3. Less than 48 hours from start of play – 0% Credit (NO REFUND)

USC will charge a $10 administration fee to any cancelled permit.

  1. Long Term Contract / Permit Rentals – please refer to the Terms and Conditions of your individual contract.
  2. NOTE: Rental fees shall not be reduced if the permit holder fails or elects not to use any portion of the time specified on the permit.