About Ultra Sports

Opened in 2010, Ultra Sports Centre Inc. is an established, privately owned indoor sporting complex that services its local and surrounding communities across Toronto and is open 365 days of the year. With just under 50,000 sq ft of dedicated field/court space, we are the only facility in Toronto housed in a harden building to offer clear ceiling heights up to 65 sq ft for the artificial turfed fields and courts with sport playing surface. The centre welcomes close to 100,000 visitors a year and has seen year over year growth since it’s opening.

Located off the HWY 401 and DVP, with the closest intersection being Birchmount and Ellesmere, the centre is easily accessible to those in the GTA by car and bus. The facility offers free parking to the rear of the building and is easily reachable by TTC with a bus stop right in front of 1510 Birchmount.

Ultra Sports offers two large fields and two large hard courts with boardroom (AV equipped)  / party rooms overlooking the playing surfaces. The board & party room allows our client’s to host team / parent meetings, review video, and host social events to further strengthen the team.

A dedicated and experienced team of professionals ensure smooth operation of the facility and offers assistance from booking the playing surfaces to ensuring your rental is ready for your group.

First Time at the Facility?

Welcome,  for all those visiting the complex for the first time, here are general guidelines to observe to ensure maximum playing time for your court / field rental.

  • Arrive 15 minutes early and meet your group in the back parking lot or at the front entrance
  • Proceed to the Customer Service office, which is located right beside the front door as soon as you enter the facility
  • A staff member will ask for the either the organizer’s or group name to confirm permit / rental details
  • After reviewing the permit / rental details and collection of any outstanding fees, the staff member will direct the group to the assigned court or field
  • Change rooms are provided free of charge and all participants are encouraged to utilize them to change into their sports gear
  • If you have rented a court, please ensure you walk up the left side of each field and respect those that are on the field, signage is posted to also aid participants and guests to the proper court
  • All rental time’s end five minutes before the scheduled end time to allow for the group’s transition off the playing surface and to welcome the next group’s arrival

Facility Info

Indoor Field

  • Artificial turf – FIFA standard.
  • Year round use.
  • 45′ and 65’ ceilings.
  • 180’ x 85’ (Length and Width) of field. Different field sizes available – call the facility for more details.
  • Full Field Goals – 144” x 82” (Length and Width) – enhanced netting.

Indoor Court

  • Sports playing surface.
  • Year round use.
  • 45’ and 65’ ceilings.
  • 90’ x 50’ (length and Width) of court.
  • Safety padding.
  • For Basketball – Gared Performance Series Rims and backboard.
  • For Volleyball – Poles & Net included. (or bring your own net)
  • For Ball Hockey – Professional Hockey Goals & Nets.


  • Safety padding for player protection.
  • Scoreboard with remote for each playing surface.
  • Bathrooms with showers.
  • Change Rooms (with dedicated Female Change Room).
  • Bleachers and tables for watching and multi-tasking.
  • Free Wi-Fi.